Degree programmes in English 2023

Popular music (Professional Bachelor of Arts)
Popular music study programme is designed to prepare popular music performers who are able to play the main instrument* or sing, individually arrange concert programmes and perform them to public, play solo parts and in ensemble, accompany, arrange and improvise. The Programme provides opportunities for students for professional development in various genres and styles (Blues, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Soul, Pop, Reggae, Electronic Music, etc.), to express themselves as performers of the chosen genre. The studies are focused on the practical training, therefore the department organizes music performance activities that involve students. The teachers are practicing musicians.
* Main instrument: piano, drums, guitar, bass guitar, double bass, saxophones, trumpet, trombone, violin, vocal, electronic music.

Management of Cultural Activity (Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Culture management)
Graduates are given the opportunity to work in artistic associations, concert organizations, agencies, theaters, television, leisure centers, audio studios, cultural centers, art galleries and other cultural organizations.