Degree Programmes

  • Apparel design (Professional Bachelor of Fashion Design)
    An Apparel Designer is competent to work as image artist in sewing or hosiery production or service enterprises, in theatres, in entertainment industries as a clothing designer, designer- consultant in a brand companies, designer- pattern maker, designer-technologist, to carry out work requiring skills to control and revise apparel production supervision, to present own creative work and practice individual business.


  • Apparel technologies and business (Professional Bachelor of Clothing Production)
    Professional Bachelor of Clothing Production degree enables a person to build up individual clothing production business, e-trade and service enterprises, head of a subdivision in clothing production business, work as a technologist constructor, technologist manager, clothing consultant.


  • Image design (Professional Bachelor of Fashion Design)
    After completing the study programme, the graduates will be able to work in the enterprises of beauty industry, beauty studio, salons, artistic collectives and projects, concert organizations and projects, boutiques, theatres, cinema studio, advertising agencies, entertainment industry, recreational and shopping centre; to work as a consultant in the private and state enterprises in Lithuania and abroad, to create individual image, perform business financial accountancy, to develop and manage fashion business, etc.


  • Coiffure design (Professional Bachelor of Fashion Design)
    After completing the study programme, a graduate will be able to work as coiffure designer in a number of beauty industry enterprises, beauty and hairdressing salons, theatre, television, cinema or photography studios, in cultural events organizations, advertising agencies, pastiche products salons and others.


  • Popular music (PopJazz) (Professional Bachelor diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in Music performance)
    Having acquired a performer qualification the graduate can work at radio/TV companies, musical clubs, recording studios, culture and entertainment centers.


  • Musical Theatre (Professional Bachelor diploma, Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Studies)
    Having acquired a performer of musical art qualification, the graduate can work at theatres, theatres projects, artistic unities and show troupes.


  • Management of Cultural Activity (Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Culture management)
    Having acquired a manager qualification the graduate can work at artistic unities, organizations, agencies, theatre, TV, resort centers, recording studios, fine art galleries.